Money and metrics – Google Hangout on using performance data to raise funds

Idealistics is not a marketing or fundraising firm. I try to make this point as clear as possible to all of my potential customers before entering into any engagement.

However, I whole heartedly believe that improving social outcomes should lead to better fundraising prospects. But do funders and donors really invest in social outcomes?

Next Tuesday, April 30th at 2pm Eastern I will be discussing “How to Use Real Performance Data to Raise More Money” on a Google Hangout with management consultant Nell Edington of Social Velocity.

Nell, a notable exception to my rants about underwhelming nonprofit consultants, is well known in philanthropy circles for encouraging organizations to focus on financing instead of fundraising. In the Google Hangout, we will identify cases where organizations we have worked with have successfully translated their outcomes metrics into more funding.

As funders and donors transition toward a social investment mindset, organizations that can report credible outcomes and demonstrate an ability to learn from their data will prove most competitive for charitable dollars. Among other things, we will discuss what makes outcomes more or less credible, and how organizations can signal institutional learning to funders.

If you have questions you would like Nell and I to discuss in the Hangout, leave a comment below, email me at, message me on Twitter at @david_henderson, or visit the Google Plus event page.

Update April 30, 2013: Since this event has passed, here is the video of the hour long discussion.