Thanksgiving Via Twitter

The following string of messages on Twitter are a good example of what Thanksgiving ought to be all about.  These messages all center around Mark Horvath, aka @hardlynormal, who is working in a homeless shelter in Glendale, CA for Thanksgiving day.

  • @hardlynormal: EMERGENCY! guest chef flaked so I have shelter w/ 10-15 ppl to feed ASAP! a place in Hollywood does takeout @ $20 prsn. Thoughts? Ideas?
  • @david_henderson: @hardlynormal do you have the raw ingredients and just need a chef, or was the guest chef supposed to bring all that stuff?
  • @hardlynormal: @david_henderson I have nothing – each one brings everything. We have a kitchen. I’m waiting until 1 if they don’t show up I’ll make it hapn
  • @david_henderson: @hardlynormal I’m fairly handy in a kitchen, let me know if you need extra hands. I can pickup some ingredients too. Call if ya need me.
  • @hardlynormal: @david_henderson not enough time although could be fun 🙂
  • @MarshaCollier: Can anyone help in Los Angeles help @HardlyNormal – he’s at a homeless shelter with a missing chef and no food
  • @hennartonline: @hardlynormal where exactly are you pls?
  • @hennartonline: Hey @hardlynormal thank heaven for miracles and YOU! Hugs!
  • @hardlynormal: Special thanks to @MarshaCollier @hennartonline@david_henderson – you made my thanksgiving special by showing compassion