Homelessness, Sponsored by AT&T

Last week I attended a homeless walk in Los Angeles.  The idea of the walk was to raise funds for organizations that provide homeless services and to raise awareness about homelessness.  During the walk I saw groups of people from all sorts of corporations such as Wells Fargo, KPMG, and AT&T.  What I didn’t see were any homeless people.

I get that corporate donations are really just marketing opportunities.  I’m not naive to the quid pro quo, nor do I fault any non-profit organizations raising funds for playing ball to get the funds they need.  But I couldn’t help but be struck, in a bad way, by a group of AT&T employees marching in front of me with big, bright orange company t-shirts.

I don’t watch TV, I don’t even have cable.  All the shows I watch are on Hulu.  Before any show begins a message comes up stating “This show is sponsored by” such and such a company.  In America, we’re good at commodifying anything and everything.  Indeed last weekend, homelessness was sponsored by AT&T.