Eat Every Day

The holiday season marks an increase in food donations to families in need. It is a nice idea that everyone gets a turkey on Thanksgiving, regardless of wealth, and everyone can get together with loved ones and share a holiday meal. For me though, seeing such outpouring and effort over one day, (there are non-profits that focus exclusively on providing Thanksgiving meals every year to struggling families) makes me wonder “what about the other days of the year?”

Food pantries struggle year round to keep food flowing to those who need it for survival. With so many food insecure families, isn’t it a bit premature to focus so much on fancy holiday fare?

With no mean spirited intent, this is the time of year I am least likely to donate food. I’d rather give on the days people in need go hungry and are forgotten. The holidays are a great time for reflection and being thankful, but life is lived year round.

So, instead of peaks and valleys of food donations, if you are planning on giving food this holiday season, think about holding off on that donation and saving it for another day. It is more remarkable to do a generous thing on an unremarkable day. You and I eat every day. Everyone should.