GaveTo (retired) enables donors and volunteers to keep track of the nonprofits they give to, all in one place. GaveTo subscribes to information from nonprofit’s blogs and social media feeds, consolidating this information into one monthly report delivered via email.

Also, with GaveTo donors can build giving recommendation lists, explaining their rationale for why they support the nonprofits they give to. Sharing this information with friends and families can help influence others’ giving decisions.

I wrote about why I created GaveTo here.


Datadocs automatically generates searchable documentation of data stored in csv files. You can learn more about and download Datadocs by visiting the Datadocs Github page or viewing a sample version of documentation generated using Datadocs.

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle is an Angular and Firebase backed web-app that allows people to post anonymous messages that are purged after ten views.

National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities codes as JSON

JSON file containing all National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities codes and keywords. Handy for anyone building an application with nonprofit data.

Glasspockets API R wrapper

R package for accessing foundation grants data from Glasspockets. You can download the library from GitHub.

Cash Transfer Equivalency

The Cash Transfer Equivalency (CTE) is a measure of how a program recipient values a social program relative to the program cost. The CTE is simply the ratio of a program recipient’s willingness to pay for a program divided by the program cost per recipient.

You can view the most recent working draft of the CTE here.

You can check out the code for the calculator on GitHub.

Los Angeles Community Resources

The Los Angeles Community Resources database is a Postgres database containing social programs in and around Los Angeles, CA which was current as of August 2013. The database was developed and maintained by my now defunct company, Idealistics Inc.

You can download the Los Angeles Community Resources database from GitHub here.